uv_tty_t — TTY handle#

TTY handles represent a stream for the console.

uv_tty_t is a ‘subclass’ of uv_stream_t.

Data types#

type uv_tty_t#

TTY handle type.

enum uv_tty_mode_t#

New in version 1.2.0.

TTY mode type:

typedef enum {
    /* Initial/normal terminal mode */
    /* Raw input mode (On Windows, ENABLE_WINDOW_INPUT is also enabled) */
    /* Binary-safe I/O mode for IPC (Unix-only) */
} uv_tty_mode_t;
enum uv_tty_vtermstate_t#

Console virtual terminal mode type:

typedef enum {
     * The console supports handling of virtual terminal sequences
     * (Windows10 new console, ConEmu)
    /* The console cannot process virtual terminal sequences.  (Legacy
     * console)
} uv_tty_vtermstate_t

Public members#


See also

The uv_stream_t members also apply.


int uv_tty_init(uv_loop_t *loop, uv_tty_t *handle, uv_file fd, int unused)#

Initialize a new TTY stream with the given file descriptor. Usually the file descriptor will be:

  • 0 = stdin

  • 1 = stdout

  • 2 = stderr

On Unix this function will determine the path of the fd of the terminal using ttyname_r(3), open it, and use it if the passed file descriptor refers to a TTY. This lets libuv put the tty in non-blocking mode without affecting other processes that share the tty.

This function is not thread safe on systems that don’t support ioctl TIOCGPTN or TIOCPTYGNAME, for instance OpenBSD and Solaris.


If reopening the TTY fails, libuv falls back to blocking writes.

Changed in version 1.23.1:: the readable parameter is now unused and ignored. The correct value will now be auto-detected from the kernel.

Changed in version 1.9.0:: the path of the TTY is determined by ttyname_r(3). In earlier versions libuv opened /dev/tty instead.

Changed in version 1.5.0:: trying to initialize a TTY stream with a file descriptor that refers to a file returns UV_EINVAL on UNIX.

int uv_tty_set_mode(uv_tty_t *handle, uv_tty_mode_t mode)#

Changed in version 1.2.0:: the mode is specified as a uv_tty_mode_t value.

Set the TTY using the specified terminal mode.

int uv_tty_reset_mode(void)#

To be called when the program exits. Resets TTY settings to default values for the next process to take over.

This function is async signal-safe on Unix platforms but can fail with error code UV_EBUSY if you call it when execution is inside uv_tty_set_mode().

int uv_tty_get_winsize(uv_tty_t *handle, int *width, int *height)#

Gets the current Window size. On success it returns 0.

See also

The uv_stream_t API functions also apply.

void uv_tty_set_vterm_state(uv_tty_vtermstate_t state)#

Controls whether console virtual terminal sequences are processed by libuv or console. Useful in particular for enabling ConEmu support of ANSI X3.64 and Xterm 256 colors. Otherwise Windows10 consoles are usually detected automatically.

This function is only meaningful on Windows systems. On Unix it is silently ignored.

New in version 1.33.0.

int uv_tty_get_vterm_state(uv_tty_vtermstate_t *state)#

Get the current state of whether console virtual terminal sequences are handled by libuv or the console.

This function is not implemented on Unix, where it returns UV_ENOTSUP.

New in version 1.33.0.