uv_idle_t — Idle handle

Idle handles will run the given callback once per loop iteration, right before the uv_prepare_t handles.


The notable difference with prepare handles is that when there are active idle handles, the loop will perform a zero timeout poll instead of blocking for i/o.


Despite the name, idle handles will get their callbacks called on every loop iteration, not when the loop is actually “idle”.

Data types


Idle handle type.

void (*uv_idle_cb)(uv_idle_t* handle)

Type definition for callback passed to uv_idle_start().

Public members


See also

The uv_handle_t members also apply.


int uv_idle_init(uv_loop_t* loop, uv_idle_t* idle)

Initialize the handle. This function always succeeds.

int uv_idle_start(uv_idle_t* idle, uv_idle_cb cb)

Start the handle with the given callback. This function always succeeds, except when cb is NULL.

Returns:0 on success, or UV_EINVAL when cb == NULL.
int uv_idle_stop(uv_idle_t* idle)

Stop the handle, the callback will no longer be called. This function always succeeds.


See also

The uv_handle_t API functions also apply.